Rift-Western Kenya Zone

Rift-Western Kenya Zone

Zonal Working Group Members:

  1. Community Mobilization Against Desertification (C-MAD)
  2. Community Rehabilitation and Environment Protection Program (CREPP)
  3. Agricultural Community Empowerment Program (ACEP)
  4. Development in Gardening( DIG)
  5. Baraka Agricultural Centre (BAC)
  6. Network for Eco farming in Africa (NECOFA)
  7. Maendeleo Endelevu Action Program (MEAP)
  8. Seed Savers Network
  9. Tenwek Hospital Community Health & Development
  10. Anglican Development Services (ADS) Western
  11. Busia Environmental and Resource Management (BERMA)
  12. Bio- Gardening Innovations (BIOGI)
  13. VI Agroforestry
  14. Manor House Agricultural Centre (MHAC)
  15. Sustainable Mobilization of Agricultural Resource Technologies (SMART) Initiatives
  16. Trans- Community Organization (TRANSCOM)
  17. Support for Tropical Initiatives  (STIPA)
  18. Slow food Convivia Association of Kenya (SFCAK)

Manor House Agricultural Centre (MHAC)

Contact Person:

Private Bag, KITALE 30200

Tel: 0202094740 / 0722744927

E-mail: dkmwangi02@yahoo.com or mhac@africaonline.co.ke

website: www.mhacbiointensive.org 

Office location:

Manor House Agricultural Centre (MHAC), Kitale, Trans Nzoia County