Programmes and Projects

Promoting elum for Networking and Livelihood Improvement (PENELI) III

The overall goal of PENELI III is to improve food sovereignty, nutritional variety, strengthened resilience and sustainable use of natural resources for Small Scale Farmers and Pastoralists.

The Programme has four main objectives:

      1. To improve resilience of small-scale farmers, and pastoralists (SSF&P) against climate change
      2. To enhance household income of SSF&P through agro-enterprises
      3.  To strengthen the Institutional capacity of PELUM Kenya as an advocacy network for Sustainable Natural Resource Management (NRM) based on issues raised by the six zones
      4. To create and support seed secure communities practicing Agro ecology (implemented by BIBA Kenya-formerly KBioC)

Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative

Is an African led initiative aimed at promoting organic farming in Africa, as a response to the African Heads of States Decision EX.CL/Dec.621 (XVII) on Organic Farming that was made following the report of the Conference of Ministers of Agriculture held in Lilongwe, Malawi in 2010.

The initiative is being implemented in six interrelated Pillars that complement each other in addressing different facets of ecological organic farming.

The Initiative has been under implementation since the year 2012. PELUM Kenya is in charge of implementation of Pillars 1, 3, 4 and 6 in Kenya on Research, Training and Extension (RTE) though SACDEP; Value Chain and Market Development (VCD) through KOAN; Networking and Partnerships (N&P) through KOAN; and Institutional Capacity Development (ICD) by PELUM Kenya, respectively.

PELUM Kenya hosts the Eastern African Regional Secretariat and is Lead Coordinating Organization. PELUM Kenya is a member of the Regional Steering Committee and the Continental Steering Committee.

Food Security and Livelihood Improvement (FOSELI)

The project aims at enabling tea farmers from Central Region of Kenya (Mainly Murang’a County and Kiambu County) to acquire skills that will boost agro-productivity by emphasizing on building long-term sustainable water shed management, sustainable cropping practices and increased incomes.

The goal of the FOSELI program is to improve the livelihood of small scale tea farmers in the targeted project area.

The project is being implemented by five (5) PELUM Kenya Member organizations (SACDEP-Kenya, ICE, OACK, RODI-Kenya and COSDEP) usually working in tea growing areas

Global Advocacy Project (GAP)

The aim of the project is to complement the efforts of Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative (EOAI) in advocacy for change in policies, programs and investments. The specific goal for the project is to create awareness and better understanding among policymakers (and also practitioners, technocrats and development partners) for the benefits of Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) and stimulate discussion and debate among them about EOA and health (ecosystem, human, animal). The project is implemented in partnership with BioVision Africa Trust (BVAT)

Green Action Week Campaigns

Is a global Campaign that is held by partners in many parts of the world to spontaneously to promote green consumerism through profiling sustainable organic production and consumption at the peak of the World Food Day.

In 2018 the theme is sharing and learning for enhanced seed sovereignty

Strengthening On Farm Agroforestry

This is a one year pilot project that aims at promoting uptake of diverse indigenous tree species and provides ecosystem services such as soil nitrogen fixation, increased pollination, tree shade, fodder crops, increase of soil fertility, soil conservation, reduce storm water runoff among others. The project supports four farmer groups from Busia and Bungoma Counteis in a structured and systematic way by enhancing their capacities to adopt agroforestry practices and this is expected to eventually contribute to the resilience in agro ecological/ecological production systems. The project is implemented in partnership with BioVision Africa Trust (BVAT)

Capacity Enhancement Programme (CAP)

A short term activity based project that aims at building the capacities of PELUM Kenya and its MOs on climate resilience